The single G-Cube is an object of art, a multiple. In the end this part of the whole becomes a piece of the final cube made of 1000 G-Cubes. This monument, produced by children, students and teenagers around the globe is planned as a travelling exhibition and serves as a metaphor for the state of the oceans in the year 2020.

The single G-Cube is also a means of transportation for information. By the distance the garbage is torn out of context somewhere in the world. With the purchase of a G-Cube, the cube and buyer become ambassadors. The garbage from the South Seas can end up in its new form in an apartment in Manhattan, where it will stimulate associations and discussions about the global pollution of the world's oceans.


Rendering of the final Cubes, 1000 Cubes, 1 m2, compressed garbage.


Verein G-Cubes
Postfach 803
3000 Bern 8


Harald Reichenbach
Chairman & Founder
+41 76 437 71 21

Office Columbia
Andres Linares


Berner Kantonalbank AG
Verein G-Cubes
IBAN CH61 0079 0016 9438 1878 2
Konto: 16 943.818.7.82
BIC / Clearingnummer: 790

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