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23th February 2018

Galerie DuflonRacz - Gast: Trash Hero Roman Peter

“Education is so important to create lifelong sustainable habits. But we also want to teach kids that being a Trash Hero is a lot of fun!” Trash Hero

6th April 2018

Galerie DuflonRacz - Ausstellung

/DuflonRacz/ is a gallery for contemporary art and outsider art (“neuve invention”) in Bern, Switzerland.

1st June 2018

Galerie DuflonRacz - Exhibition

The exhibitions will be from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon

/DuflonRacz/ is a gallery for contemporary art and outsider art (“neuve invention”) in Bern, Switzerland.

Currently position of the sailing boat of G-Cubes

G-Cubes generates money through art and actively invests in the sustainable reduction of waste in the sea.

2017 marks the beginning of our global collection campaign.

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G-Cubes is art

By circumnavigating the earth on a sailing ship, we are creating a metaphor for the globalized garbage problem. In sharp contrast to this stands the final sculpture: This monolithic cube made out of many smaller ones. It becomes itself a monument, perhaps even a memorial and is the basis to our fund raising.

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G-Cubes is ecology

The cubes are being sold worldwide in galleries and over the G-Cube network. Half of all revenue raised will be invested into projects that promote a sustainable and long-term waste disposal in remote places, in collaboration with the local population.

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G-Cube is circumnavigation

As part of the World ARC, G-Cube will sail once around the world on the yacht “O’Deline” (2005 Beneteau Oceanis 473 Commodore Performance).

With the circumnavigation a metaphor is created. In the plastic swirls of the sea, the long journey of whole plastic waste only comes to a stop when the decomposition process begins. G-Cubes wants to prematurely bring an end to this cycle by returning waste to the main producer.

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G-Cube is science

In collaboration with the University of Bern and the World Trade Institute, we are developing joint exhibition concepts to raise awareness of this environmental issue and intend to hold a congress on the subjects of sea and garbage, on the occasion of Sustainable University Day.

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